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Sanitary napkins are an essential part of your personal hygiene troupe. Since we’re all looking for shampoos, conditioners and beauty products sans chemicals why not have a sanitary pad that’s absolutely organic and safe for you?

No chemicals, no plastics. Only the good stuff.

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Sanitary Pads

300mm (Pack of 12)

Organic Panty Liners

150mm (Pack of 20)

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Thin, dry and so soft! Definitely way better than your traditional pads.
Supriya Sharma, Cabin Crew, Indigo
Really good and simple. No fuss, just what they say it is. A little expensive compared to the regular options in the market but totally worth it!
Diyana Khurana, Student
I’ve always dealt with rashes during periods and not many products help my case but this product is just amazing. So soft and comfortable, didn’t experience any discomfort or rashes.
Nikita Kumar, Founder, Berry Pink & Head Makeup Artist
Such a good product. Guess I will be a part of the noraa tribe after all my loyalties have shifted.
Ishita Sharma, Advertising Executive
The only thing I might consider replacing my cup with.
Shivani Singh, Content Marketer
It delivers what it promises! So soft and comfortable. You won’t regret trying this product.
Himani Cheema, Digital Marketer