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Did you notice that in recent times, we have started inclining towards organic rash-free sanitary pad alternatives for that we use in our daily lives? It displays a sense of responsibility towards the environment and awareness about one’s health. Humans have been bombarded with artificial/human-made things to such an extent that we almost started forgetting how much disruption we are causing to the environment and ourselves.

Inorganic stuff is readily available in a lower price range and is too convenient that we tend to overlook all the harms it imposes. But it is genuinely appreciable that as humans, we have started realising our mistakes and looking for better alternatives. Organic products are not only beneficial for our surroundings but also bring us in harmony with our health.

As women, the universe has chosen us to be caring and more affectionate. This affection is not limited to people and pets, but it extends out to nature too. We love gardening, and we love to nurture and look after family members. Women are seen as graceful powers, spreading love and care. So, why should they not consider their health and pamper themselves with the best?

Why Noraa

When it comes to pampering and taking care of one’s health, it is not unknown that the majority of women in India use disposable sanitary napkins during periods. After all, intimate hygiene is one thing that needs the most attention. But are you aware of the impacts of the disposable pads that you throw out every month?

Disposable sanitary napkins are harmful to both, your health and the environment. These synthetic sanitary napkins are made of plastic, bleached cotton, and polyethene. These materials are not skin-friendly. The pads are also treated with chemicals which may interfere with your feminine aura and cause long-term problems. Many studies show that these chemicals are often carcinogenic. Additionally, these pads do not compost for years and increase plastic waste.

Noraa organic pads and organic panty liners come out to be the solution for all these problems. Noraa is a brand that manufactures 100% organic rash-free sanitary napkins and panty liners. Let’s discuss how Noraa organic sanitary pads help you live a better life.

Healthy Skin: Happy You

Who does not want to keep their skin healthy and nourished? Skincare is a part of every woman’s daily routine. But don’t you think that only facial skin or hands and feet are important. Healthy skin keeps a woman happy. Especially during periods, we all know the irritation caused by wetness and uneasiness that we have to tolerate. If there’s one solution that can help you feel comfortable during periods, that is Noraa organic pads. These pads are indeed rash-free sanitary pads.

Noraa pads are made of organic cotton and plant-derived materials. These are completely safe for your skin and do not cause rashes and irritation. Instead, they offer breathability as cotton is the most breathable fabric. Since your skin is allowed to breathe, it feels more fresh and nice. Organic cotton is known to be the best when it comes to skin-friendliness. So, it helps in keeping your skin safe and healthy.

Convenient Disposal

Each Noraa pad comes with an organic paper pouch to help you dispose of the soiled pad conveniently. The disposal pouch along with the pad is also organic and rash-free. This neat and clean disposal makes segregation easier for sanitation workers. They are already exposed to unhygienic surroundings and so many threats to their health. The paper packing allows them to refrain from touching the soiled pads directly.

Say No To Chemicals

By switching to Noraa organic pads, you are saying no to the chemical exposure forever. Your intimate part is most delicate and highly absorbent. When you wear synthetic inorganic pads, you are allowing those chemicals to come in contact with this delicate part. You may not notice any harms immediately. But in the long run, you may face issues that you may have never thought of.

These chemicals disrupt your natural pH and cause infections. Also, the chemicals that are used in these inorganic pads are pesticides, which may cause skin or other kinds of cancers. You will be saying ‘Hello’ to organic and rash free sanitary pad.

Better Humans Create Better Surroundings

By using Noraa organic pads and organic panty liners, you are not only taking a step towards better health and hygiene. But you are also improving your surroundings and pulling out your contribution from the everlasting plastic waste.

Noraa organic sanitary napkins are biodegradable and you can even compost them in your backyard. These organic pads help you reduce your carbon footprint.


Noraa organic sanitary pads are definitely one of the best choices that you will ever make. It is a great initiative towards better health and long-lasting sustainability. Once you opt for organic solutions to everyday problems, there’s no going back. Switching to organic pads will help you live a better life while taking a step towards the betterment of the environment at the same time.

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