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It almost feels like a déjà vu considering how humans rejected the organic lifestyles in the name of advancement and now are going back to the old ways after understanding the disastrous effects of modern lifestyle. Old women from around the world used to use cloth pads during their menstruation. This method started to be frowned upon after the invention of commercial sanitary pads.

These sanitary pads promised comfort, convenience, and ease in day to day life. They actually stood true to the promise but nobody looked upon the harmful effects of this convenient lifestyle. Along with ease, these pads brought severe health conditions, heavy losses to small enterprises and businesses, increased human non-biodegradable waste and left the environment with hazardous toxins.

Ever since women started contemplating the harmful impacts of commercial sanitary napkins on the human body and environment, they have been trying to find better alternatives. As a result, now we have organic sanitary napkins, organic tampons, menstrual cups, and organic cloth pads.  menstrual sanitary pads certainly have an edge over all other choices that we have. Why are these pads paving their ways into our lifestyles again?

Let’s learn about a few benefits of these sanitary napkins.


 The organic menstrual pads are far better than those commercial sanitary napkins. Regular napkins contain plastic content and multitudes of chemicals that often cause discomfort. Organic cloth pads are far more comfortable owing to organic cotton and other natural materials used in the pads. These cloth napkins are extremely breathable and 100% good-natured to your skin.  Pads are often made of nothing else but super-absorbent fabrics and leak-proof surfaces. Thus, they help you stay comfortable throughout the day.

Reduced Rashes & Irritation

 The inorganic materials present in the commercial sanitary napkins cause skin infections and rashes to 90% of the women who use them. The microplastic content in the pads doesn’t let you intimate organs and skin breathe. It further locks in the moisture and makes a home for bacteria and fungus. This is the reason many women suffer from fungal infections in their vagina.

Organic menstrual sanitary pads contain nothing but organic cotton. It allows your vagina to breathe and reduces the chances of rashes and irritation. The pads are super-soft and comfortable. Most importantly, you know what material you are exposing your delicate skin too.

Healthier Than Other Alternatives

Conventional sanitary napkins are typically made of bleached cotton, plastic, wood pulp, synthetic fibres, etc. Bleached synthetic and organic materials release harmful toxins leaving you vulnerable and exposed to Toxic Shock Syndrome and other disorders. The by-product of chlorine dioxide (Bleach) is dioxin. Dioxin and other toxins are absorbed by your permeable delicate skin and make their ways into your body.

Other than that, the harmful chemicals lead to severe diseases such as ovarian cancer, hormone disruption, dysfunctional reproductive system, etc. Synthetic pads leave behind all the suspicions of chemicals and non-organic materials, ensuring a healthier alternative for your periods.


Every month a woman spends at least 1% of her budget on disposable sanitary napkins which turns into a huge sum if we calculate on a yearly basis. She spends this money only to purchase a load of chemicals and harmful after-effects for herself and the environment. Synthetic pads are too affordable and budget-friendly. They cost around half of what you spend on disposable pads in a year. The organic sanitary napkin lasts longer saving so many bucks in your pocket.


Since you are not throwing any more soiled pads into the trash, you are saving the environment from more non-perishable biowaste. Transformed versions of organic pads are such a boon for women. By switching to organic menstrual pads, you will definitely make a huge impact.


The organic menstrual sanitary pads are often manufactured by small businesses and self-help groups. By opting for pads you will help these small enterprises to grow. Instead of helping in increasing the wealth of giant corporations who are least bothered about your health benefits, you can actually help these companies who are trying their best to provide you with healthier and budget-friendly options.


 The benefits of organic menstrual sanitary pads are many contrary to their harms which are none. These sanitary napkins are easy to be cleaned and are made to be leak-proof. So, you don’t feel gross. They save you from many diseases that may cause lifetime damages to your body. These pads come in very cute prints and colours. You will actually build a healthy relationship with your periods.

Additionally, the women who have switched to organic pads claim that they have faced fewer cramps and uneasiness ever since. So, organic menstrual pads are the best for your periods as well as the environment.

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