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Menstruation is one of the most important, natural & pressing issues of a woman’s life. Every woman, from age 11 to age 55, goes through a monthly biological process that entails shedding of the uterus lining via bleeding through the vaginal opening.

This helps a woman get rid of unimpregnated eggs & protective lining that would come into play in the event of a pregnancy.

To contain this bleeding, women use a variety of menstrual sanitary products. The most popular ones are sanitary pads, also known as sanitary napkins, tampons, & menstrual cups.

A large majority of women utilize menstrual sanitary napkins out of all these products.

In India especially, almost 75% of all women prefer using sanitary pads to any other menstrual sanitary products.

However, not all of these sanitary napkins, pads, tampons & menstrual cups are entirely safe for women to use.

A majority of menstrual sanitary products including sanitary napkins & tampons, are synthetic in nature & involve harmful chemicals & plastic polymers in their manufacture.

A lot of these chemicals, like dioxin, methylene chloride, toluene & xylene, are actually quite toxic & one of them, dioxin, is a known carcinogen.

It has been known to lead to ovarian & uterine cancer in women, among other toxic health effects like fungal infections, vaginal dryness, itchiness, rashes, & burns.

Adding to the chemical woes, synthetic sanitary pads are not easily disposable or naturally biodegradable, thus they linger around in the environment for a far longer period of time after they’re thrown off, releasing toxins in the air.

Incinerating them is also not an option, as when burned, these sanitary pads release their harmful chemicals as fumes in nature, thus adding to the already massively polluted air.

What’s the solution then?

It’s actually quite simple, & inexpensive too!

Switching to organic feminine hygiene products, like organic sanitary napkins, pads & tampons.

As highly aware consumers, we are given to deeply analyze & dissect each ingredient in the products we consume in our daily lives, & also their effects on our immediate environment.

With something as personal & as widely used as sanitary products, the utter lack of awareness about their constitution on our part is nothing short of carelessness & ridiculousness.

Women must know that the harmful chemicals that go into manufacturing these products affect our health on all levels; they cause rashes when worn for long periods of time, chemical burn effects on skin, various types of fungal infections arising out of dryness brought on by the very chemicals, & the most disturbing of them all, cancer.

Aside from the health benefits, the negative environmental impact these synthetic sanitary pads have is also not inconsequential, & must be taken into account by any conscientious human being.

When we choose organic, nature-friendly products for everything else, then why do we settle for harmful, synthetic sanitary products for one of the most intimate parts of our life?

This is the right time that we understand that the menstrual sanitary products that we have been using so far, are in fact quite toxic & harmful for our health, as well as the environment, & make a conscious, well-informed decision to switch to biodegradable, organic cotton feminine products today.

Organic feminine hygiene products are quite frankly the best menstrual hygiene products for this time of the month, & make women feel healthier, happier & more productive.

But the question ostensibly arises here, how do you know if you’re choosing the best organic feminine products?

To answer that, we have a couple pointers that we’ll discuss below. Read on to find out more!

  • Fully Biodegradable: One of the major factors that set organic feminine hygiene products apart from regular synthetic sanitary products, is the fact that they are naturally biodegradable & free of any harmful chemicals that cause them to not respond to the natural degraders in the environment.

Thus, the best organic feminine hygiene products will be made of 100% natural, Organic materials and will be fully biodegradable naturally, without any additional help or actions.
If you wish to choose the best organic feminine products, Noraa is one that not only boasts of, but is, made of 100% natural, organic materials like corn starch, virgin pulp, bamboo & cotton. All our organic feminine hygiene products biodegrade naturally within months of being disposed off, & only consist of all-natural, organic products.

  • Healthier for you: Even if you don’t care about the environment(which you absolutely should), then still, you must care about your own health. One of the best things about using organic feminine hygiene products, is that they are extremely healthy & safe for you to use during your menstruation. Unlike synthetic pads, they don’t cause rashes, itching or skin allergies, & give you a carefree experience throughout the day.
    Noraa organic cotton feminine products come with a highly absorbent core that helps soak up the menstrual flow firmly, whilst also keeping you feeling dry & comfortable. Noraa organic sanitary products also help maintain a healthy pH balance in & around your vagina, thus keeping fungal & other bacterial infections at bay, & giving you a healthy, happy period experience!
  • More comfortable: Owing to their 100% natural & organic composition, organic feminine hygiene products are more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time, & don’t cause pad rashes, one of the most irritating & annoying troubles women face with synthetic pads during their period.
    Noraa organic feminine hygiene products are super comfortable, thin & soft to the touch. They fit perfectly in your underpants & give you a carefree, easy & relaxing period experience!
    Given that they don’t cause any health problems at all, women can have a stress-free, all-natural time wearing these organic feminine products from Noraa.
  • Supports local produce & farmers: Since organic feminine hygiene products are all made of 100% natural products, most brands procure their raw materials from local farmers & produce markets.
    This, in turn, helps these local farmers make a respectable living & also contribute to the national economy.
    Noraa organic feminine products are proudly made for women, by women. Our manufacturing units employ rural girls & women in the whole making & packaging process, thus giving them financial independence, work experience, & a chance to use their skills for something worthwhile.
    By choosing Noraa organic feminine hygiene products, you are not only choosing the best organic feminine products but are also contributing to rural womens’ financial futures & employment opportunities.

So what’s the wait for now? Go ahead, & order your first pack of Noraa’s 100% natural, all-organic organic feminine hygiene products today!

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