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Did you know that organic cotton sanitary pads can do wonders for your health and well-being? Menstruation is a natural biological process and the feminine health and hygiene industry is just starting to wake up to the problems that women faced around the world when using sanitary pads that contain chemicals, toxins, and substances that are harmful to their skin.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at how chemical free sanitary pads can help in making the lives of women a lot easier when they need it the most.

Health problems associated with conventional sanitary pads

Sanitary pads and other feminine health and hygiene products are essential for almost half the population in the world when it comes to their wellbeing and comfort. However, unfortunately, a lot of conventional mass-manufactured sanitary pads contain chemicals and substances that actually pose serious health problems.

Conventional sanitary pads are known to contain the following chemicals:

● Dioxin – this is a chemical that is used when it comes to the bleaching process for the cotton used in sanitary pads. While the chemical does make the pads super white, it is a substance that can cause various health problems and harm your reproductive health. The chemical is present in really small volumes in these sanitary pads but prolonged exposure to the chemical is really harmful.

● Pesticides – pesticides are obviously not sprayed directly on the sanitary pads itself but they are used on the cotton during the growing phase. A lot of conventional brands do not control their entire supply chain which means they do not know about the details of the growing process.

● Perfumes – scented sanitary pads are especially bad as many chemicals are added to the pad to act as a perfume. These chemicals can be highly irritating to the skin and cause problems like rashes, allergies, and itchiness.

Additionally, conventional sanitary pads are not environmentally friendly at all. Many of them often contain plastics and compounds that are not biodegradable. It has been proven that sanitary pads are one of the leading polluters in the world due to the presence of microplastics in them.

Keeping all these points in mind, you might be wondering if there is a better and healthier way to keep yourself comfortable and healthy during your menstrual cycle. Fortunately, you can find 100% biodegradable organic cotton sanitary pads created by conscious brands that truly understand the problems that women face.

Why Chemical Free and organic sanitary pads are better for you

Now that we’ve covered the problems that conventional sanitary pads have, you might be wondering how they would be solved if you use chemical free sanitary pads.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why going organic is better both for you and the environment:

● 100% organic pads are made from ingredients that are completely natural. They do not contain any chemicals, plastics, or substances that might be irritating to the skin. Right down to the quality of the cotton used in manufacturing these pads, it is ensured that all ingredients are completely safe to you.

● Organic pads are also biodegradable which means the moment you start adopting to organic pads, you’re already contributing to make the world a better place. Just as the ingredients used are completely natural and organic, it is also ensured that there are no plastics used in the product.

● Lastly, organic pads do not contain any harmful chemicals that are used in scented sanitary pads. This ensures that no skin-irritating chemicals are found on the products which greatly reduces the chances of experiencing rashes or itchiness.

How Chemical Free Sanitary Pads are revolutionary

Now that we’ve covered the details of why organic sanitary pads are better than conventional sanitary pads, let’s get into why they are revolutionary.

While there are many reasons that make organic cotton sanitary pads revolutionary, here are the 4 major ones:

● They create a safer and healthier world for women

Sanitary pads are used by all women around the world for a major portion of their lives. It is kind of absurd to think that the only options available to us were substandard products that could actually cause health problems!

Organic sanitary pads are created to provide a safer and healthier world for women around the world. Noraa believes in the “made by women, for women” philosophy and does its bit in championing the cause of women all over the world.

● They help in reducing pollution and environmental damage

As mentioned early in this blog, conventional sanitary pads are really bad for the environment as they are not biodegradable. The sheer number of sanitary pads used all over the world and disposed into the environment amplifies the pollution the world is already going through.

Biodegradable sanitary pads lower the rate of pollution and contribute to a healthier world too! With organic sanitary pads, you can rest assured that you’re doing your part in making the Earth a less polluted place.

● They help you in taking better care of yourself

Lastly, your choice to use organic sanitary pads is a choice to take better care of yourself. While organic sanitary pads might just be a product, their adoption by women all over the world is a sign that we’re taking our health and wellbeing seriously.

Not a long time ago, it wasn’t really possible to find organic sanitary pads at all! As we slowly learn more and focus more on women’s issues, we’re contributing to a movement whose core philosophy is to take better care of yourself and to be strong, healthy, and independent.

Switch to organic sanitary pads for a better you!

Learn more about organic sanitary pads by visiting Noraa,in. Make a better choice for your health and switch to organic sanitary pads that are more comfortable and healthy for you today!

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