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Pandemic – A word that we have been coming across a lot from morning to night & we need to use the best organic feminine products. It all started with one or two cases and in no time the world has seen unimaginable things going on. The world around us can come to a standstill, our day to day lives can be altered within a day, but the world inside a human’s body functions as always. The need to pee won’t be affected, the hunger, the sleep, the thinking, the sweat, nothing will be affected by the lockdown. Similarly, female hygiene requirements won’t cease. Periods don’t stop for pandemics.

Ever since the current outbreak started, every person started seeing a surprising change in his/her lifestyle. Lockdown played a boon for the environment. Humans have been neglecting the fact that they are destroying the planet and they are now forced to stay inside while nature takes its time to heal. It has certainly brought everyone’s attention to the need for changing preferences and switching to eco-friendly lifestyles.

One of the major elements in increased biowaste is non-biodegradable synthetic sanitary napkins. While you are finding means to change your lifestyle and make it more sustainable, you should certainly think about the hygiene products that you choose. The regular sanitary napkins are hazardous to both your health and the environment. These pads certainly linger around for years without decaying even a bit.

The solution to all these problems is organic feminine hygiene products. This would be the best health choice you would be making. Let’s discuss how organic feminine products can help in leading a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Health Problems Caused By Commercial Products

Organic feminine products include organic sanitary napkins, organic panty liners, tampons made of organic and 100% natural materials, etc. What is the difference that these organic products make? To understand this, you need to realise how commercial sanitary napkins are negatively impacting your body.

A female’s intimate skin is very delicate and absorbent. When you use a commercial tampon or sanitary napkin, you are exposing this most delicate part to the most harmful chemicals and materials. The commercial organic products are made of bleached cotton and other inorganic materials. These materials are harsh to the skin and cause irritation to the intimate part. Besides, there are many chemicals used in these napkins and tampons.

These inorganic products are known to contain dioxins. This dioxin may cause several health issues including abnormal tissue growth in abdominal and reproductive organs, immune system suppression, hormonal disruption, etc. Additionally, there are pesticides and herbicides present in these products. These severely harmful chemicals are carcinogenic. When your skin comes in contact with these chemicals, the skin absorbs them and they are integrated into your bloodstream without you being able to notice the effects.

Other chemicals include odour neutralizers, artificial fragrances, synthetic absorbent etc. You must imagine how many dangerous chemicals your skin is exposed to. Every woman uses these products regularly for 3-7 days every month which gives the skin more than enough exposure to these chemicals.

How Organic Products Are Different

While you are switching to a sustainable lifestyle during the pandemic, you must certainly switch to organic feminine products. One of the best organic feminine products like Noraa is made of 100% natural cotton and plant-derived materials. The raw materials in organic napkins are mostly organic cotton, bamboo pulp, banana fibre, wood pulp, organic non-permeable sheet, etc. All these plant-driven and natural materials are safe for skin.

The final product made of these substances is soft and comfortable. Women who have been using organic feminine hygiene products actually vouch for them owing to the ease and comfort these pads offer. While you are working from home or doing regular chores, these organic napkins turn out to be your best friends during menstruation.

Another best feature of these organic products is that there is no chemical used in the manufacturing of these pads. The organic cotton can be destroyed by bleaching it with harsh chemicals. Thus, those who claim to be making 100% cotton pads are also disguising the reality. The organic sanitary napkins, panty liners, and tampons are eluded from chemicals.

These napkins are not treated with artificial fragrances or odour neutralisers. Thus, organic nature is maintained. Such pads are skin-friendly and highly beneficial. They prevent any kind of rashes and irritation. The super-absorbent core of the organic napkin helps you keep dry for long hours without letting you feel the wet-discomfort.

Environmental Benefits of Organic Feminine Products

When we say organic, it means the material or product should be biodegradable. This is why these organic products are safe for the environment too. You must be aware of the harms of commercial synthetic hygiene products imposed upon the environment. Every year, billions of women around the world dispose of thousands of billion soiled pads. These pads are made of inorganic materials such as plastic.

We all are well aware that plastic is non-biodegradable and lingers around the planet for thousands of years. We only add to this non-perishable waste by throwing more of the soiled pads every month. If this whole waste is piled up in a heap, it will outreach the height of the tallest mountain of the world. Such waste releases many harmful toxins in the environment increasing our carbon footprint. Additionally, the pads impose a serious threat to the health of sanitation workers who have to separate this waste manually. This is extremely unhygienic and it will be utterly selfish if we would care less about those people and our surroundings.

On the other hand, the best organic feminine products are made to be completely biodegradable. These pads and tampons start to decompose within 4-6 month of disposal. So, they do not loiter around for years.


This pandemic has allowed us to reciprocate on our lifestyles and forced us to find out better eco-friendly alternatives. Switching to biodegradable organic products would be one of the best decisions you would make. The decision will certainly improve your health, decrease your carbon footprint, and help you lead a sustainable life.

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