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On average, a woman uses about 11,000 to 17,000 sanitary napkins during her active fertile years. A majority of these sanitary pads are synthetic in nature, made from synthetic materials like plastic polymers & harmful chemicals like Dioxin.

These sanitary pads, when disposed of, do not degrade naturally & cause harm to the environment. Incinerating them is also of no help, as these plastic polymers release harmful toxins in the environment when being burned, causing even more damage.

Synthetic sanitary pads are also known to cause gradual but eventual harm to a woman’s menstrual health. The chemicals in these sanitary products interact with the vaginal environment in a woman & release harmful toxins inside the body. One of the chemicals used in manufacturing synthetic pads, Dioxin, is a known toxin & a carcinogen. High amounts of exposure to this toxin can cause cervical & ovarian cancer in women!

According to research, around 45 million sanitary pads make their way into disposal pits around the world, not degrading naturally & causing harm to the environment.

Naturally, when there is so much at stake, we women should consider a better, eco-friendly solution for meeting our menstrual needs.

It comes to us in the form of organic rash-free pads. These organic sanitary pads are made of 100% natural absorbent materials, like corn starch, bamboo &/or jute skin, cotton, etc.
Manufacturing organic sanitary napkins also don’t require any chemicals, so they don’t react with your vaginal environment, & don’t cause any itching or rashes.

Organic menstrual rash-free sanitary pads are best for ensuring the menstrual health of women & for the environment, in more ways than one.

In this article, we tell you a few ways in which organic rash-free sanitary pads can help you have a better period of experience. Read on to know more!

  • Let you have a rash-free period experience: Organic rash-free sanitary pads are the best way to have a non-itchy, rash-free period. The absence of harmful & toxic chemicals in their manufacturing process ensures that they don’t cause any harm to your vaginal area. So, if you’re troubled by rashes & constant itching during your periods, organic menstrual pads are the best way for you to beat those & have a happy period!
  • They are chemical-free: Organic sanitary products are chemical-free, in the sense that no synthetic chemicals other than naturally synthesized ones are used in their manufacture. The age-old adage goes that, the lesser the chemicals in something, the better it is for your health & for the environment as well! Organic rash-free sanitary pads sure meet this criterion!
  • Better for the environment: Since no artificial chemicals or plastic polymers are utilized in their manufacture, organic rash-free sanitary pads are naturally much better for the environment. They don’t cause any harm to the wearer & are made of 100% biodegradable materials, hence decay easily & naturally. Unlike synthetic sanitary pads, burning them won’t release any harmful chemicals &/or toxins in the environment, & thus they are much better for the environment than their synthetic counterparts.
  • Plastic-free: Synthetic plastic & plastic polymers are the biggest health scares for people & especially women during their menstrual cycles. Since we are required to use synthetic sanitary pads in an intimate area of our bodies, the charm quotient of these synthetic plastic polymers is indeed very great. Organic menstrual pads solve this problem for us as they do not contain any chemicals & are absolutely plastic-free. Thus using them for long hours in our vaginal area does not pose any health risk to us.
  • Better for wildlife: Organic rash-free sanitary pads are made from 100% natural materials, out of which cotton is the most popular one. Since organic cotton farming doesn’t require many insecticides or pesticide use, they are also very good for wildlife. Insecticides & pesticides are meant to kill harmful insects & pests that threaten crops, however, they inadvertently also kill bees & little birds that depend on pollen from these plants for their food. The insecticide apocalypse has put bees’ lives in serious danger. Bees play a very important part of our food cycles since they pollinate almost 75% of all food crops around the world. The reduction in their population will bring about serious disruption in the food chain, which will indirectly also affect us. Organic cotton farming does not require any insecticides or pesticide use, hence they are indirectly also better for wildlife & little bees.
  • Comfortable & healthy: If you ask gynaecologists around the world about the best practices for ensuring good menstrual health, they’ll tell you that using organic sanitary products is the best way to do so. Organic sanitary pads are chemical-free, plastic-free & made of all-natural ingredients, hence are automatically way better than synthetic ones in ensuring better menstrual health for their users. Since they’re made of all-natural materials, they are also more comfortable than synthetic sanitary products. Organic cotton pads are some of the best rash-free pads available to women!


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