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Sometimes in life, you come across certain advise & recommendations that you just don’t have to think twice about.

It helps that these almost always come at times of increased personal distress & ruminations, & thus you don’t have to ponder them much before you equivocally accept those.

A few years ago, I received one such suggestion, which was, to look back at it, quite life-changing.

Hello, I am Anjali Maurya, a flight stewardess with Indigo airlines for the past 5 years.

I have been a life-long resident of New Delhi, although my job does take me from one corner of the world to another everyday, sometimes multiple times in a day!

As a flight cabin crew member in charge of ensuring flyers’ comfort & satisfaction with our services, my workday tends to get a little more hectic than an average 9-5er.

I am required to move about a lot in low air pressure settings, going from flyer to flyer making sure they are well-hydrated, healthy & take care of any minor or major troubles they are facing.

Surely, this does need me to think quickly on my feet, be agile, look friendly, cheerful & approachable, whilst also not letting any stress get to my head.

If you think this is difficult enough on regular days, just thinking about what I go through during my monthly periods, is just a whole another journey!

Naturally, with all the movement & agility expected of me, I need to use ultra-comfortable, soft, thin & rash-free sanitary pads during my periods.

The sanitary pads I used were soft & thin alright, however, none of them ever provided me with total comfort, rash-free properties, & a natural feel.

That is until a colleague of mine introduced me to Noraa Organic menstrual sanitary pads.

She advised me on the benefits of using Noraa organic menstrual pads in respect to my menstrual health, vaginal comfort & rash-free skin around the vaginal area.

She also let me know that Noraa organic cotton sanitary pads are soft, ultra-thin & comfortable since they are made using only organic cotton & other absorbent materials like bamboo starch, banana pulp etc.

Since they are manufactured using only naturally available materials, they don’t have any harmful effects on the pH level of the vaginal area as do synthetic menstrual pads, nor do they cause any chemical-related harms to women’s bodies during periods.

If all these points weren’t already enough to make me the biggest fan of Noraa organic menstrual pads, the next thing she said to me made my mind up even more!

Apparently the synthetic pads that women use majorly, are made with harmful non-natural products & bleached with toxic chemicals that make them impossible to degrade naturally.

Thus they linger around in the environment, polluting the lands they are thrown in with all the chemicals & synthetic materials used to manufacture them.

Unlike these synthetic pads, organic menstrual pads are entirely made of natural materials like cotton, banana pulp, bamboo, corn starch etc. & thus, they degrade naturally quite easily without causing any harm to the environment.

Granted, before my eye-opening conversation with her, I hadn’t thought much about the effect the pads I used so regularly had on the environment. I hadn’t given any thought to how the harmful chemicals in synthetic pads caused grave harm to our environment, nor to the fact that they don’t degrade naturally & continue to release toxins in the environment long after they are disposed of.

The recent furrow around global warming & environmental change has only made the conversation of sustainable development & ecologically responsible lifestyles take the centre stage in world debates.

With so much happening around & the changes in the environment that we ourselves notice, it only makes sense to make more environmentally considerate, responsible choices.

Today, as I write this self-reflection piece, a whole year has passed since we had that conversation. This day also marks an year since I switched to using Organic menstrual sanitary pads over regular synthetic pads, & I’ll be the first one to say it, I do feel a lot of positive changes.

With the harmful effects of synthetic menstrual pads slowly coming to light, I reckon that lots of women are mulling over whether to switch to organic menstrual sanitary pads, & if yes, then just which brand they should use.

Below, I am giving a detailed breakdown of the positive changes I have personally felt ever since I have begun using organic cotton sanitary pads.

  • More comfortable: There are no second guesses as to this point. Ever since I have switched to Noraa organic menstrual pads, I have begun feeling a lot more comfortable & in control of my body during my periods. As I said before, being a flight attendant demands a lot from me physically, hence feeling comfortable enough to not be perpetually cranky during those tough days of the month really was a boon!
  • More confident: Right alongside comfort, is the factor that Noraa organic cotton sanitary pads are made of soft, thin 100% natural materials & have a highly absorbent core that helps them absorb menstrual blood effectively without the wearer feeling any wetness or discomfort from those. Knowing that I am wearing soft, thin & highly-absorbent organic pads make me naturally more confident so I am able to go about my daily routine much more productively.
  • More healthy: One of the major concerns women using synthetic pads have is the long term health effects from all the chemicals used in manufacturing those. Since Noraa organic cotton sanitary pads are made from 100% natural materials, they don’t have any health dangers for the women wearing those, & don’t cause rashes or dry vaginal skin. Rashes from synthetic pads are one of the major concerns of the women wearing those, especially for those having extremely sensitive skin as I have. Noraa organic menstrual pads are completely rash-free & do not cause any dryness in the vaginal area.
  • More responsible: After having let go of synthetic menstrual pads & choosing Noraa organic cotton sanitary pads, I feel like I have done a little bit for the environment on my part. This makes me feel a lot more ecologically responsible than my other peers who are still using synthetic menstrual pads, & gives me a little bit of satisfaction each day!

My life has undergone considerable positive changes since I started using organic menstrual pads. I recommend that every woman use organic menstrual pads, & the brand I advise on using is definitely Noraa, for their ultra-soft, thin & highly absorbent organic menstrual pads!

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