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Organic sanitary pads are a peculiar intervention in our lives. After all the attempts of spreading awareness about the impact of inorganic products on our bodies and environment, people have actually started moulding their lives around organic products. Using organic alternatives has become a part of our lives. From plant-based beauty products to organic chemical-free sanitary pads, the resolution is definitely sensational.

Have you ever wondered why organic sanitary pads are sworn by many women nowadays? There are definitely numerous benefits of these sustainable alternatives for the thing that is inseparable from women’s lives. Many brands have launched organic pads considering their customers’ needs and demands.

How Are Organic Pads Better?

Organic sanitary pads are expected to be safer than regular synthetic sanitary pads. Manufactures take a variety of measures to ensure that their pads are safest and best in the market. The base idea of creating organic pads is to remove the plastic content from the pads. Synthetic materials such as plastic, latex, and other toxins are dangerous for that delicate part of a female body. These materials are harmful to the environment as well.

The organic, chemical-free sanitary pads are made of organic, unbleached cotton. Cotton is known to be a gentle fibre for the skin. Cotton also helps your skin breathe and keeps the infections and allergies away. It absorbs the moisture well and transports it to the absorbent core reducing the chances of fungal infections.

Commercial sanitary napkins not only have plastic as the content, but there are other chemicals, artificial fragrances, and carcinogenic materials present too. The delicate skin of the vulva is very absorbent and soaks up these chemicals easily. This may interfere with the original aura of the vagina and cause long-term issues.

On the other hand, the organic pads are manufactured without using any of the chemicals, fragrances or toxins. Thus, organic pads do not disturb the natural pH balance of the vagina and help keep you healthy and fresh during those days.

What Are They Made Of?

As we discussed above, the organic pads are made of organic cotton. The cotton is not bleached or treated with any kind of chemical. This is the reason these pads are safer than synthetic pads. The main components of a sanitary pad would be bleached rayon, bleached cellulose of wood pulp as absorbent core, plastic, chlorine, and bleached cotton.

The materials that are used in organic pads are not bleached at all. These pads are made of bamboo fibre, banana fibre, jute pulp and organic cotton. Wood pulp is majorly used to make the absorbent core in the organic pads. The top sheet is made of cotton, cotton stays close to the skin and allows it to breathe.

The middle layer consists of an absorbent core, the fluid flowing from the top layer is soaked up by this layer and turned into gel. This middle layer of the organic pad is super-absorbent and holds more amount of fluid when compared to other pads. Also, this core is completely organic made of plant-derived materials.

The last layer is a plastic kind of sheet, but in organic cotton sanitary pads, this layer is also made of plant-derived materials such as plant starch. The main function of this layer is to prevent the blood from leaking out. This bottom sheet is made to be adhesive to help the user fix the pant onto the underpants.

None of the parts of these organic sanitary napkins is treated with chemicals. Also, they are free from parabens, toxins or artificial fragrances.

Health Benefits of Organic Pads

When you switch to sustainable organic products for daily use, you certainly realise that there are many benefits of organic products that no commercial or man-made product can ever offer. Same is true for organic sanitary napkins too. These chemical-free sanitary pads are safer and healthier for your body than synthetic pads.

The first and foremost problem with synthetic pads is that these pads contain so many chemicals. These chemicals may specifically include some pesticide and herbicides. These kinds of chemicals are dangerous for the skin and overall health. The components are certainly carcinogenic and may disrupt your system in the longer run.

Cotton and other fibres that are used for the production of these inorganic pads are bleached. Chlorine bleaching is so harmful that it may expose you to high dioxins that can lead to skin lesions and liver dysfunctionality. You must realize the harms of using synthetic napkins because you will be using them for most of your lifetime.

Other than chemicals, the commercial pads are made of plastic, latex, and other harmful material. These materials cause both short-term and long-term problems. 8 out of 10 women experience rashes and irritation during periods due to the pads. These pads may have great absorbency but they are neither breathable nor gentle on the skin. Organic cotton sanitary pads save you from all these skin allergies and irritation.

Organic pads help your skin breathe properly and help keep it dry. These cotton sanitary pads are also known to have reduced the cases of toxic shock syndrome. They save your intimate parts from many side effects of synthetic, chemically treated pads. These Organic chemical free sanitary pads do not cause fungal infections and keep your vagina healthy. Absence of artificial fragrance adds to the benefits of organic pads. The absorbent core in an organic pad locks moisture and helps you stay dry during those days. Organic pads are one of the best inventions for intimate hygiene.


There are certainly uncountable benefits of organic sanitary pads over synthetic pads. Along with all the health benefits of these chemical free sanitary pads, they are also environment-friendly. You may contribute to nature by switching to organic pads. It minimizes your carbon imprint. These pads are biodegradable thus reducing your contribution is creating plastic waste. Organic pads can be easily composted and do not pollute water-bodies or landfills. Choosing organic pads over any other commercial sanitary napkin would be one of the best decisions you would be making.

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