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Menstruation plays a very important part of every woman’s lifetime. Every woman has a set monthly biological menstrual cycle that helps her keep track of her reproductive health & fertility times.

Hygiene during menstruation is of utmost importance & determines her reproductive health & general health in a lot of ways.

Most women utilize Sanitary napkins to contain the menstrual flow during the times of their monthly cycle, while some others use tampons & menstrual cups.

In India however, statistically more women use sanitary pads than any other menstrual flow solutions.

Since the days of using torn up old clothing pieces as sanitary napkins, we have come a long way with the sanitary napkins of today.

These sanitary napkins come with highly absorbent plastic sheets placed over a cotton sheet to make for a comfortable & dry period experience.

However, one thing that most women fail to realize is the number of toxins that are present in these sanitary napkins, & how much harm can they do.

Most synthetic sanitary napkins contain a chemical called Dioxin that helps these pads get that squeaky clean white appearance they have.

Dioxin is a known toxin used in industrial bleaches, an environmental pollutant that does not degrade easily & a carcinogen that leads to cervical & ovarian cancer in women.

Considering the number of times women use pads on a monthly basis, this can easily become a severe health problem for women everywhere!

Also since we have been gaining awareness about the environment & the ugly reality

of climate change lately with all the unsightly environmental phenomena around us, it’s only logical to understand the harmful effects of synthetic sanitary napkins on the environment.

Organic Menstrual pads provide a solution to all these problems, by providing women with organic, natural alternatives for the synthetic sanitary pads they’ve been using up until now.

Organic Menstrual Pads are made of natural absorbent material like cotton that helps contain the menstrual flow while also ensuring your vaginal area stays healthy throughout.

Since no toxins or pollutants are used to make these organic sanitary pads, they do not harm your health in any way & are also easily biodegradable.

Besides this obvious environmental benefit, there are also many other benefits of using organic menstrual pads. Below, we list them one by one. Read on to know more!

  • Better Menstrual Health: Organic Menstrual pads have an effective natural absorbent cellulose base that absorbs your menstrual flow without causing any harmful side effects to your health. They don’t have any harmful chemicals that can react with your vagina base & cause itchiness or rashes in the area.
    Since organic pads are made of natural materials, they also help maintain the pH level of the vaginal area, thus preventing excessive dryness or yeast infections.
  • Better for the environment: Organic menstrual pads are also a lot better for the environment. Given that no chemicals or pollutants are used in their production, they do not harm the environment by lying around spreading toxicity for ages but decompose easily.
    Since they’re made up of all-natural materials, their disposal doesn’t cause any harmful effects for nature & they are 100% biodegradable, leaving no trace of themselves in their wake.
  • Better for wildlife: Organic menstrual pads are majorly made of layers of naturally absorbent cotton. Organic cotton farming doesn’t require much pesticide use, thus reducing the harmful effects on wildlife.
    Traditional farming is high on pesticide & insecticide use, which causes harmful effects to birds, bees & other wildlife.
    Since bees are natural pollinators for about 75% of the world’s food crops, it makes sense to choose organic menstrual products that don’t involve killing the world’s bee population.
  • Helps local cotton farmers: Since organic menstrual pads are made from naturally available absorbent cotton, every time you choose organic sanitary products instead of synthetic ones, you are supporting a local cotton farmer.
    As most organic sanitary products are made from local cotton produce, this choice of yours could deeply benefit local cotton farmers that are struggling to make ends meet with their produce.
    Especially now after the COVID-19 economic slowdown & the Prime Minister’s calls for choosing local products, organic menstrual pads are only the viable, logical solution for helping local farmers!
  • Reduces plastic pollution: Synthetic products utilize plastic polymers that help create an absorbent layer to stop the menstrual flow from coming out. These plastic polymers are the reason synthetic sanitary products are non-biodegradable & release toxins in the environment. Since organic menstrual pads do not involve the usage of plastic polymers in any form, they do not contribute to environmental pollution & degrade easily.
  • No release of Dioxin: As we discussed at the beginning of this article, synthetic sanitary products’ manufacture includes the usage of dioxin which is a well-known pollutant & a toxic chemical with documented carcinogenic properties. This is the primary reason synthetic sanitary products harm your reproductive well-being as well as lead to pollution. Organic sanitary pads do not involve dioxin & thus, cause no health scares & also degrade easily.
  • Eco-friendly alternative: Organic menstrual pads are the eco-friendly alternatives to synthetic sanitary pads. Unlike the latter, they do not cause health problems to the women using them, don’t cause itching or rashes, & are 100% biodegradable. By choosing organic sanitary products, you’re doing yourself and the environment a big favour.
  • Recommended by doctors: If you ask a practising gynaecologist about the best sanitary products to use for ensuring better menstrual health, they’ll give you a unanimous answer. Organic menstrual pads are recommended by gynaecologists for women’s menstrual health & for its associated environmental benefits.

Noraa is one such Indian brand that provides women with eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable organic menstrual pads & panty liners for their menstrual needs.

Made with 100% natural & highly absorbent cotton material, these organic sanitary pads & panty liners help you have a better period experience & live a better, healthy life! Check out their catalogue of organic sanitary products here.

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