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Noraa’s biodegradable and organic sanitary napkins are your best option when it comes to buying one online. 

However, it’s easy to get confused when buying biodegradable sanitary napkins online because of the million options not delivering results.

Here are some tips for buying the best Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins online: 

Superior Absorption:

 You need to look for a biodegradable sanitary napkin that comes with layers of a super absorbent core for absorption that protects against leakage and wetness all through your period. In Noraa’s biodegradable sanitary pads there is an ADL sheet that facilitates even distribution for leakage protection during those tough days. You should also find a sanitary napkin with breathable layers to make sure there’s ample air circulation, so, later on, you don’t need any perfumes or fragrances to deal with the problem of odor, sweating, and rashes.


There are brands claim to be all-natural sanitary napkins, but a lot of them do not provide organic or biodegradable sanitary pads as only the top sheet of the napkin is natural. Hence, It is very important to check the composition of sanitary napkins while purchasing one. Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins are made of corn starch and bamboo fiber and are bringing a better solution to period days. Just picking organic sanitary napkins is not enough. One needs to be careful about a pad’s composition and how eco-friendly it is while buying them.  

Safe and hygienic disposal:

This is one of the aspects that women in general turn a blind eye to and they shouldn’t for obvious reasons. Antibacterial Properties is a must in a biodegradable organic sanitary napkin. Most of the sanitary napkins are made of Plastic & this plastic is bleached with chlorine. This is the reason women get rashes, allergies, and general irritation when on their period. Alongside safety, proper disposal of sanitary napkin ensures that hygiene is maintained overall. Sanitary napkins with disposable bags not only. This ensures hygiene but is also very convenient while women are travelling and come in super handy.

Healthy you, healthy environment: 

Opt for pads that are not only safe for your body but also healthy for the environment. Biodegradable sanitary napkins go a long way in maintaining environmental health as they get decomposed much faster compared to synthetic pads which take decades to decompose.

Opt for a good size & Comfort: 

Organic, biodegradable sanitary napkins are made of soft, non-synthetic plant-based material. They are cushiony and highly absorbent and are commonly made of corn and bamboo fibres. Since it will conform to your shape, you won’t even feel its presence in the most sensitive part of your body. This will let you have an easy hassle-free period.

With the usage of organic & biodegradable sanitary napkins, the chances of infection and the skin rashes in the women’s sensitive part is way lesser than what it is with that of a plastic pad. Organic or biodegradable sanitary napkins are not only environment-friendly but also your body-friendly as well. Switching to alternatives and even small personal choices can have a tremendous positive impact on our environment in a bigger way. The decomposition of the conventional plastic pads takes millions of years. Also their production causes a lot of harm to the natural environment in the longer run. By choosing organic and biodegradable sanitary napkins as an option, you can save lots of money. These products are much cheaper and budget-friendly.

The disadvantages of plastic sanitary pads

There are several disadvantages women are facing with these plastic sanitary pads. When they are not able to get biodegradable sanitary napkins:

  • Rashes, allergy, infection, etc is just the beginning of their troubles. Generally pads are bleached to make it in white colour and this process produces the harmful by-products called dioxin. That lead to harmful health conditions. It is very dangerous for women and they tend to take this too lightly.
  • The cost of plastic pads would be more if we calculate the long time period. As compared to that of biodegradable sanitary napkins.
  • Ordinary or non-Biodegradable Sanitary napkins waste collects in landfills. Where it piles up into a harmful, non-biodegradable mass of bacteria such as Escherichia coli again which is a health hazard. 

Biodegradable Sanitary napkins available online are always the healthier option. These pads are either made of cotton or bamboo making them, all-natural. Noraa gives you the best of both worlds.


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