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Climate Change is a real threat, & it’s knocking on our very doors. No more is it just the problem of far north, Atlantic, Arctic or the North & South Poles. We see uncommon & unexplainable natural phenomena around us every day, & Climate Change is to blame for all of it.

Decades of humans irresponsibly treating Nature & using up natural resources without any thoughts of future generations is what’s behind this utterly ugly truth called Climate Change.

And if you think that the problem is only with big industries, transport & stubble burning, you’re wrong.

Everyday items that each of us uses can also lead to pollution & environmental degradation. Sanitary Napkins, for instance, are one of the leading causes of pollution.

Yes, the health items we women use every month to contain our menstrual flow cause a lot of harm to the environment.

Synthetic Sanitary Napkins are made using various harmful chemicals that do not help the material degrade easily, thus causing a lot of plastic pollution in the environment.

Not just that, the chemicals used to make synthetic sanitary napkins are also harmful to the delicate skin of womens’ insides at the time of the Menstrual Cycle. Some of these chemicals are well-documented carcinogens, causing abnormal cell division even leading to cancer.

All these issues with synthetic chemicals in commonly available sanitary products have made women look for alternatives to synthetic sanitary pads.

This is where organic menstrual sanitary pads come into the picture. As their name suggests, they are made of natural, disposable & organic material which is made absorbent to contain the flow during the menstrual cycle.

Organic Menstrual Sanitary Pads are multilayered cloth pads. They’re made of absorbent material that helps contain your menstrual flow for a period of 4-5 hours depending on your menstrual flow. Once full, you need to change the pad.

This is for your own safety, so the better you change it, the more healthy choices you make the better.

Organic sanitary pads like these contain only layers of absorbent material & no plastic usage, thus making it safer for yourself and the environment, as without the harmful chemicals, it also decomposes easily.

If this is your first time using organic sanitary pads, you might face a little difficulty, especially since you aren’t used to using the pads. But after a while and you’ll gradually grow more confident in using the organic menstrual sanitary pads.

Also, the health & environmental benefits of organic sanitary pads are too huge to simply overlook over a little initial personal discomfort.

There are many reasons for the popularity of organic sanitary pads in recent years. We’ll take a look at each of these factors below.

  • Comfortable & Soft fabric: Most women using synthetic sanitary pads have one common complaint; the material of the sanitary pads causes itching & leaves rashes on the skin. It’s not comfortable & wearing them for hours & hours on end on days of heavy flow leaves them vulnerable to itchy skin & infections in the vaginal area. This problem is effectively tackled by organic sanitary pads, as they are made of comfortable, soft & stacked up layers of natural absorbent material & hence, don’t cause much problems & discomfort to women, even when worn for long hours.
    With organic sanitary pads, women almost never face the problem of discomfort, rashes &/or itchiness.
  • Saves money: According to a national survey, an average Indian woman spends about INR 300 per month on sanitary pads, tampons, menstrual cups etc. This brings the total amount of money spent on sanitary hygiene products by an average Indian woman approximately INR 3600/-.
    This amount might not look like much to those belonging to the middle class or upper-middle-class families, however, organic menstrual sanitary pads made of absorbent natural material are truly a blessing as it also helps make them healthy & reduce infections during their menstrual cycle.
  • Reduces Plastic Pollution: It’s no new news that Plastic polymers & harmful synthetic chemicals are used to manufacture most of today’s easily available sanitary products for females. These plastic sanitary pads are not biodegradable & thus cause a lot of plastic pollution in nature, leading to ugly consequences like Global Warming & Climate Change. With the current awareness & conversations around Climate Change realities & its dangerous consequences for the entire planet, countries & individuals have begun to give consideration to their carbon footprint.
    Switching to organic menstrual sanitary pads from synthetic ones signifies a shift in the youth’s perspective towards the environment & personal health.
    Having been made of natural absorbent material sans using any chemicals, they degrade easily & don’t cause pollution.
  • No foul smell: Another common problem women face during their menstrual cycles is the fact that after usage, their synthetic pads start smelling foul. This is likely because the plastic in the synthetic pads reacts with the period blood, thus causing more serious chemicals to be released & more damage to the body. Organic sanitary pads take care of this problem in a natural, odour-free way! Since they’re made of natural absorbent materials, layers of clothes & cotton, they don’t catch onto the odour of menstrual blood. In the absence of any chemicals, no reaction with menstrual blood happens & thus, no odor is released!
  • Do not contain carcinogens: Organic sanitary pads, unlike Synthetic sanitary napkins, are not made using any kind of chemicals, thus do not contain harmful carcinogens leading to many dangerous health problems in women later in life. Since they are made of 100% natural cotton, absorbent material, they are free of harm-causing chemicals & do not lead to medical & health problems during the menstrual cycle or afterwards. As such, they are a great choice for women!

There are many brands in India that offer women organic & biodegradable menstrual sanitary pads. One such brand is Noraa. Its organic sanitary products like pads & panty-liners are 100% biodegradable, organic, & made from natural materials. They are highly absorbent, help maintain the pH-levels of the vaginal area during the menstrual cycle & are made of 100% cotton. They do not cause any harm or rashes or itching in the vaginal area & give you a beautiful, rash-free & healthy menstrual experience!

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