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Women hygiene is a delicate and complicated matter and so we need organic panty liners. Our intimate skin needs utmost care and pampering more than one would think. Every day comes with new challenges. Some days there would be vaginal discharges while on some days we would be tripped by periods. Pre-period vaginal discharge, post-period light flow, discharge during ovulation, blood flow during pregnancy, postnatal flow, and the list goes on.

So basically, that overactive delicate part of our body requires constant attention and care. Those days when there is a discharge of one kind or other, it is not easy to cope with wetness and uneasiness. Leaving it to be is not healthy either. Constant wetness around the vagina may lead to fungal and other types of infections. It can further cause irritation and itching. So what is the solution? The answer is panty liners.

What is a Panty Liner?

A panty liner is an innovative invention to help women maintain their regular hygiene. It is a smaller version of regular sanitary pad. These carefree panty liners are made of absorbent material and are designed to fit in the gusset of the panty. It looks similar to a sanitary pad but with less absorbency. It is made to absorb light fluid.

The panty liners are way thinner than pads and do not let you feel the presence of something extra inside the panty. These are narrower compared to sanitary pads. A woman cannot regularly wear sanitary pads because, after a certain time, it starts causing irritation. But these carefree panty liners are ideal to be worn every day to maintain hygiene.

Due to less absorbency, panty liners are not suitable for regular periods. But they are perfect for those last days of the periods when there is a little to almost no bleeding. Also, panty liners are made to lock down the moisture to let you feel dry and comfortable all day.

Construction of Panty Liner

Pantyliners are available in all kinds of sizes and lengths. The panty liner has an adhesive strip at the back to help you stick it conveniently to the inner part of the gusset. Some panty liners are regular in size similar to a sanitary napkin. While you can find some panty liners to be thinner and longer. Curved lines are made to follow your body’s shape and movement. Tiny liners are very small in size with straight edges. Some liners are designed to fit thongs and G-strings.

So many companies who are into synthetic sanitary napkin manufacturing, produce synthetic panty liners too. These liners have good absorbency and nice adherence. These are made of synthetic materials and are perfumed to conceal any vaginal odour. These liners help keep you feeling fresh and dry.
Most panty liners are packed separately in disposable bags to help you chuck them conveniently.

Organic Panty Liners

To restructure the invention of panty liners, the industries have come up with organic panty liners. Organic liners address various issues associated with synthetic panty liners. The synthetic panty liner is a good option to maintain hygiene. But it has its own negative effects and risk factors. Due to its unnatural construction, it does not suit everybody. Those women who are born with sensitive skin, synthetic liners can cause irritation almost instantly.

For others too, the synthetic liners are not ideal in the long run. And honestly, you will be using them almost every day. A synthetic liner may affect the delicate skin of your intimate parts. The inorganic materials are responsible for causing irritation and discomfort. Also, the perfume used in these liners may disrupt your natural pH level and cause further problems.

Organic panty liners eliminate all these issues. Most organic liners are made of organic cotton, bamboo fibre, banana fibre, etc. Even the absorbent core is made of wood pulp or other organic materials. These liners are completely safe for the skin while maintaining good hygiene. The pads are free of any kind of perfume or toxins. So they do not interrupt the natural aura around the vagina and help keep it healthy and fresh.

On top of all the benefits of organic panty liners, they are biodegradable too. This is probably the best thing about these liners. Disposable synthetic liners are simply thrown away and never get destroyed or decomposed. They only contribute to increasing the plastic waste and causing more trouble to nature. Organic panty liners are biodegradable and can be composted after the use.

Uses of Panty Liners

The panty liners are most commonly used during the periods when there is a light flow of blood and a sanitary pad is not necessary. These also come in handy when there is an uncertainty of the flow or spotting. Some women experience vaginal discharge during their ovulation period and these liners are a good option to maintain dryness and hygiene during that time. For women who have recently started using tampons or menstrual cups, these panty liners serve as saviours if there happens to be leakage.

The liners solve regular female problems of wetness and discomfort often caused by vaginal discharges and uncertain blood flow. Pantyliners, especially organic panty liners, are a boon for females who love to take extreme care of intimate hygiene.

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