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There has been a stir lately about how commercial sanitary pads are not rash-free & are made of harmful materials and chemicals and how one should make this life-changing decision of switching to better alternatives. Noraa, a Gurgaon based startup, launched its range of organic sanitary pads and liners to trade period problems with happy periods!

Majority of women around the globe experience extreme troubles during those tough days including cramps, uneasiness, mood-swings, rashes, and irritation, to name a few. Periods are considered to be those bothersome days of the month which are loaded with red and annoyed frames of mind. But the trend has been shifting and heading towards a complete makeover of those tough days.

Women have started pampering themselves during those days of the month. By opting for better menstrual hygiene products they have turned the agonizing periods into a breezy experience. Besides, the busy lifestyle calls out for solutions that keep you going even during those tough days. Because nobody has got time to stop and take rest throughout the day.

A Change For A Better You

Noraa rash-free sanitary pads are the need of the hour- why? Because it’s quite upsetting to let go of important tasks at hand as a result of painful periods. Period cramps get the best of you and force you to put off the important stuff. Even if you are brave enough and decide to keep going with the day, those cramps and discomfort hamper your productivity. We all know how we sail through those days.

Then there are those God’s favourites who don’t have to go through the torture of cramps. But even those women find themselves distracted and face lack of concentration due to rashes and irritation that follows. Inability to sit comfortably even for a short period and that displeasure that comes with wetness are too much to handle.

With a fast pace of life, it has become utterly important that you select something that brings comfort and helps you breeze through the day without feeling the annoyance of being on periods. This is why Noraa pads are made for you. Work can’t stop, you can’t give up on an important client meeting, your children need your constant care and attention, another day off from the office because of the periods is pointless- thus, you have to take this transformative decision of switching your old sanitary pads with Noraa rash-free sanitary pads.

Gone are the days when ladies were considered weak and Noraa has launched one of the best rash-free pads to ensure that even the troublesome days of periods are not setting you back.

Rash-Free Sanitary Pads: Revolution of Menstrual Hygiene

Organic sanitary pads are considered to be one of the best innovations in the field of feminine hygiene products. These pads are designed to solve most of the problems associated with monthlies.

Plastic content and chemicals present in the regular pads are to be blamed for most of the issues. Plastic and synthetic materials are not at all skin-friendly. Additionally, these elements cause great discomfort due to continuous chafing. You may find a pad soft when you hold it in your hands but when used, the inorganic materials come in contact with your skin and cause various complications.

Organic pads are made of organic cotton, bamboo fibre, wood pulp, and other natural ingredients. The materials are not bleached as chemicals used in bleaching are dangerous for one’s health. Even these super-absorbent pads do not contain any kind of chemical glue. The pads are not even slightly treated with chemicals- no artificial fragrance, no odour neutralizers, no bleaching, and no other chemicals.

Thus, Noraa pads are completely safe and comfortable. The absence of chemicals and synthetic materials make them the best rash-free pads in the market. Additionally, these pads are not only amazing for your health and comfort but they are also good for the environment.

How Are They Eco-Friendly?

The current global situation is not hidden from anybody. There is plastic waste littered everywhere. Poor waste management system lacks in recycling this waste. On top of that, millions of soiled sanitary pads are thrown. These pads are just another plastic waste and stay intact for thousands of years. The harmful toxins released from these soiled pads aid in decreasing the quality of the soil and making it infertile.

Additionally, the large number of these non-biodegradable pads take up thousands of acres. The old pads are not going to leave these landfills and will only increase to the ever-lasting plastic waste. Thus, these organic, biodegradable sanitary pads are the saviour. The pads start to decompose within 3-6 month. The composted pads would improve the fertility of the soil, unlike conventional sanitary napkins.


Noraa rash-free sanitary napkins are truly the need of the hour. Current virus outbreak forced people to be locked indoors and allowed nature to heal. This compulsion has forced us to think about our lifestyles and behaviours. It’s time that all of us make choices in favour of healthy bodies and healthy surroundings. Noraa pads are one of these healthy choices that will help you grow without worries of menses and soiled pads.

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