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Thankfully, there are Organic choices when it comes to menstrual pads. We know how choices make a big impact, considering that on average, a woman will use up to 16,800 disposable pads and tampons during her lifetime, which is scary not only for you but also for the environment. There are so many reasons not to support the disposable menstrual product industry, and so many reasons to support the organic menstrual product industry. It is not based on unneeded waste and profit at the expense of women’s health and the environment.

So whether you are looking for a better and healthier alternative, or you are engaging in a bit of menstrual activism, here are amazing compelling reasons why you should switch to an Organic menstrual pads choice for your period:

1. You will reduce your menstrual cramps, infections and skin rashes majorly.

If you suffer intense pain during your period and are using disposables, consider using alternatives like organic menstrual pads, 100% organic cotton products or maybe menstrual cups. Disposable pads also use plastics, which block airflow to your vagina, and not surprisingly, can encourage a painful rash and worse. Disposables also use synthetic fibres like rayon, which are super-absorbent, but will also absorb all the moisture in your vagina, increasing your chances of severe pain and infections and worse encourage bacteria growth, especially if you are wearing one for hours, all day, all week. Once you have switched to organic menstrual pads, personally the severe cramping was reduced to a minor inconvenience.

2. Organic menstrual pad options are much healthier for you.

Disposable menstrual pads are typically made with a combination of plastics, cotton, synthetic fibres, and wood pulp. Conventionally produced cotton is one of the most toxic crops grown. Using 20 per cent of the world’s pesticides and herbicides which also have an impact on your overall health eventually. These harmful materials are then bleached with chlorine dioxide. Creating polluting, harmful and bio-accumulative byproducts like dioxin, which not only end up in the environment but also remain in our bodies for decades. Other harmful synthetic chemicals and artificial fragrances are in that mix, and you’ve got a recipe for side effects like allergic reactions, hormone disruption, reproductive and gynaecological disorders like endometriosis.

3. You will save money.

If the health reasons don’t convince you, maybe the longer run numbers will be more convincing. Granted, Organics have a larger initial cost, but they last much, much longer. With proper care, organic menstrual sanitary pads can last for longer. Compare this to the plastic that has a lifespan of a few hours before it’s thrown away, forcing you to buy more and more an get you stuck in a neverending process, eventually all of them ending up in a landfill.

4. You will help save the environment.

Switching to organic menstrual pads is a striking example of how seemingly small personal choices can have a huge positive impact on our environment. Imagine the world when It’s estimated that 20 billion pads and tampons are discarded yearly America alone. The plastics in a pad will take hundreds and hundreds of years to decompose. The process of manufacturing these disposables also pollutes our waterways, air and animal habitats which is sad. Switching to organic menstrual hygiene pads can make a difference.

5. It’s sanitary, doesn’t leak and easier to clean than you think.

When talking about organic menstrual sanitary pads options, one is inevitably faced with the questions: “is it clean?” and “will it leak?” because of obvious reasons. Many pads use a removable liner for extra absorption, and many have a waterproof lining sewn inside. It may be a tad bulkier, but occasional bulk is infinitely better. Than a lifetime of health problems and hospital visits. With the right maintenance products are just as sanitary and a better option. For organic menstrual pads, most recommend wearing them overnight. And toss them in the wash for a hot water cycle. For menstrual cups, it’s even easier to use.

Switch to organic menstrual pads today!

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