Only The

Good Stuff

Don’t you always look for the best brands, best ingredients, best quality of beauty and daily essentials? Be it that 100% organic cotton shirt or that cruelty-free yummy nude lipstick, we look for the best. Why not go for a superior quality sanitary product that offers you only the good stuff? We’re 100% organic+biodegradable, safe, soft, comfortable and a super absorbent pad with air laid sheets (no clumps basically). Only the good stuff right?

No chemicals, no plastics. Only the good stuff.


An environmentally responsible product that biodegrades completely in 6 months, using zero plastic and no chemical glues for holding the product together. We use organic cotton, corn starch, virgin pulp and bamboo as raw material. Not only do we care about you, we care about what impact our products have on the environment. We’re woke that way!

Superior Absorption

Layers with super absorbent core for instant absorption that protects against leakage and wetness. ADL sheet that facilitates even distribution and zero bunching for leakage protection. Breathable layers make sure there’s ample air circulation, so we don’t need any perfumes or fragrances.

No Rashes or Allergies

100% organic, gentle on your skin, and super comfy. Every layer of the product is organic hence no dioxin which if present would lead to UTI, RTI, Infertility, Cervical Cancer, Rashes and Eczema. And of course, no chemicals or synthetics are used in the production of this awesome product!

Maintains PH-level

For any sanitary hygiene-related product it is essential to maintain ph-level to avoid any kind of diseases. Use of zero chemicals and plastic, superior absorption and dryness, breathability makes sure the ideal PH-level is maintained for a happy and healthy you.

Hassle-free Disposal

The ancient time of using scrap papers to dispose off are done and dusted. Each pad comes with individual biodegradable packaging for odourless, hassle-free and clean disposal. Wrap it up neatly!

Channel Embossment

Embossments along with the design structure of the pad facilitate bending and conforming along with the body’s movements and create a seal which prevents leakage and side staining.

We Believe In Real-Life


Thin, dry and so soft! Definitely way better than your traditional pads.

Supriya Sharma, Cabin Crew, Indigo

Really good and simple. No fuss, just what they say it is. A little expensive compared to the regular options in the market but totally worth it!

Diyana Khurana, Student

I’ve always dealt with rashes during periods and not many products help my case but this product is just amazing. So soft and comfortable, didn’t experience any discomfort or rashes.

Nikita Kumar, Founder, Berry Pink & Head Makeup Artist

Such a good product. Guess I will be a part of the noraa tribe after all my loyalties have shifted.

Ishita Sharma, Advertising Executive

The only thing I might consider replacing my cup with.

Shivani Singh, Content Marketer

It delivers what it promises! So soft and comfortable. You won’t regret trying this product.

Himani Cheema, Digital Marketer