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Noraa’s organic sanitary pads are here to provide you with a happy and rash-free period experience. Free of harmful chemicals, softer than the feather, these pads provide you with superior absorption and hassle free disposal. Choose pads that go with your flow!

Ultra-Thin, Super Absorbent and Leak Proof

Say bye to stains with our rapid-absorbing sanitary pads that quickly lock in liquid for your goodnight sleep.

Made with Love and Zero Harmful Chemicals

A healthier you from the inside out. We’ve sourced the cleanest ingredients to create a line of clean skin care treatments that leave you feeling your best.

Hassle Free Disposal

Our pads come with disposal covers for easy disposal. Each pad comes with a disposal bag. So when you have to dispose of the used sanitary napkin, seal it in our disposable bag for hygienic and hassle-free disposal.

For All Shapes and Sizes

Noraa caters to women of all shapes and sizes. Pick from Noraa’s range what matches your flow and comfort.

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